6 Reasons to Work with a Real Estate Agent

If you’re buying a house you may think you can do it yourself. The internet makes it a lot easier to see what homes are available and you can just do the work yourself, right?

You can, but you shouldn’t.

A real estate agent provides many valuable benefits that you’d lose if you try to buy a home on your own. Real estate agents are experts in the real estate industry. Consider these 5 reasons to use a real estate agent.

It’s Free for Buyers

Buyers don’t pay a real estate commission fee. The seller covers the fee. It’s likely built into the sales price, but you can negotiate the final price so you aren’t paying more than you want (if the seller agrees).

Buyers don’t have to pay any money out of pocket for the agent but get many benefits from using an agent.

Access to More Homes

The right real estate agent will have experience in the market you want to buy in. You’ll consult with your real estate agent so he/she gets the full picture of what you want in a home and then your agent finds the homes for you.

You can still look online at listings or even while you’re out on the street, but real estate agents have access to more information and will likely give you more options than you’d find yourself.

Proper Representation

A buyer’s agent represents the buyer only. The seller has his/her own agent. When you get to the nitty-gritty of the transaction, you want someone on your side, making sure you are getting the fair end of the deal. Your real estate agent is your eyes, ears, and voice throughout the transaction.

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Negotiating is a big part of buying a house. Most people don’t bid the full price – they bid a lower price, which the seller often counters. Even if the seller accepts your price, he/she may counter the terms you include in the sale. Negotiating back and forth can be stressful, but when you use a real estate agent, they do it for you. They make sure you have the best possible outcome given your goals.

Real Estate Agency

Help with the Paperwork

If you thought finding the right home was overwhelming, wait until you sign the contract and get the process moving. The paperwork can feel suffocating and if you don’t understand what you’re signing, it can be stressful.

An experienced real estate agent can walk you through each document so you understand what you’re signing and feel confident about the purchase.

Real Estate Agents are a Valuable Resource for Buyers

Buyers gain a lot by using a real estate agent. You’ll have proper representation, a guide to help you through all aspects of buying a home, and access to more homes. It doesn’t cost buyers any money, so there’s no reason to skip this important resource to help you find the perfect home to call your own.