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Our experts are available to answer all your mortgage questions and customize options for your unique needs.

What are my savings?

My City Mortgage and our leading Industry Partners are providing financial credits and/or discounts for your home buying or refinancing experience! Depending on the circumstance, the credits and discounts can total thousands of dollars in real savings at no cost to you! To see more detail on the credit/discounts you are eligible for click on the desired Affiliated Business Partner below. If you have any questions or wish to participate, submit your contact information below and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

Affiliated business partners

Your mortgage lender provides a loan to you when purchasing a home. At My City Mortgage, we will evaluate your objectives, review your credit and financial landscape, and tailor a loan program best suitable for you. Our loan officers will answer any questions and explain all aspects of the loan process including your maximum loan approval amount, monthly payment, and cash to needed for closing. My City Mortgage will also provide YOU with a $500 LENDER CREDIT that will be used to offset some of the loan closing costs associated with getting a mortgage loan.
Realtors play a key role in a home buying and selling transaction. When buying, your realtor will meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives and set up a custom profile on all relevant search engines, so you are notified immediately when new homes are listed for sale that meet your criteria. Your realtor also plays a vital role in negotiations and referring 3rd party service providers related to buying a home such as home inspectors, insurance providers, moving companies, surveyors, and more. When selling, your realtor will meet with you at your home for a personal inspection and discuss your goals for selling. They will also provide you with recommendations to maximize your net sales proceeds and email you a free “Market Analysis” with a recommended list price range supported by recent local data from comparable properties for sale/pending sale/sold in your area! Our Realtor Partners have agreed to contribute 20% of their real estate commissions to YOU as an “interested party contribution.” This is an approved contribution that can be used towards your minimum down payment depending on your loan program. Typical real estate commissions are 2% – 3.5% of the total buying/selling price. (Example: If you bought/sold a home for $300,000 and the realtor commission was 3% (or $9000), the realtor’s contribution to YOU would be $1,800!!!
Title Insurance Vendor

Title Insurance is an important part of the home buying/lending process. An exhaustive search is done on the property to ensure it is free & clear of all liens and insures you and the lender against any future claims on the property. If there are any issues, they will provide direction and assist with clearing all requirements before closing. Our Title Partner is a local trusted title service provider and has discounted their standard closing fee for all eligible participants in this program! Industry-standard closing fees are between $300-$500.

* Not eligible in Texas

Buying a home is a huge commitment and you need someone that will work for you and help you understand each step of the way. 

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Zack has more than eight years of consumer lending experience. He is a motivated mortgage specialist that wants to help you achieve your goal of home ownership. He strives to go beyond to provide the best experience to his customers and build lifelong relationships.


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Our goal is to provide excellent customer service.

Lori H

I’ve had the best experience for being a first time homebuyer,everyone was beyond helpful and explained all the steps in detail to someone with zero knowledge of the home buying process.

David A

My City was fantastic to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable and answered all questions quickly.

James S

Honestly, the process of me receiving and acquiring my mortgage was professional, efficient, and satisfying. I want to thank everyone at My City for they have done for me.

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