Helping to Chart Your Path to Homeownership

Kari Fleck

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Mark C

Thank you for all you help and forbearance in my delays! I cannot thank you enough! You truly are an asset to whoever you for. Once again, thank you for an amazing...

Danny H

Kari is one of the greatest lenders that I have had the pleasure of working with. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and very hard-working. I highly recommend...

Jason D

Kari was great to work with on our refi. She took extra time to listen to our thoughts and weigh out all of our options! She was quick to respond to any questions we...

Kari entered the mortgage industry out of a sheer appreciation for the process. She purchased her first home amidst several obstacles that cause most people in her situation to give up entirely. A newly single parent dealing with the intricacies of separating joint credit, assets, business liabilities and other jointly owned properties she quickly learned that financing was a “game of inches” which requires hyper-focused organization. Already a successful business owner Kari was not dissuaded by the challenges, she rose to meet them. In speaking with others about her experiences she realized that many people had the same struggles yet nobody to help them along the way. It was at the request of a mentor and with the encouragement of many friends, she decided to combine her professional expertise with her strong desire to help others along the same path she took her first step towards becoming a loan originator. “Compared to my own purchase, most are a walk in the park”. Every client is shown the same level of care and dealt with in the same compassionate manner. There are few people better suited for a career in residential lending. Kari studied Business and Marketing at Millersville University as well as Photography at Pennsylvania school of Art and Design. Kari has a unique skill set having worked in the building industry. She understands the minutia and nuance involved in general contracting, home improvement, new construction, design, and flow. Prior to focusing on her career, Kari was the first female head soccer for her travel league and coached for 27 consecutive seasons. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family building a faith-based training club to help others rebuild themselves through mission trips and serving the community. With the desire to pave new roads for herself and others, she is the greatest resource to have working for you!



Helping to Chart Your Path to Homeownership

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Michelle L. Rowe, Realtor

I do find the app handy and informative with the up to date client process whether just starting or in a transaction. Having the ability to scan right from the phone is brilliant. The news section is great to keep me informed about the mortgage business. Love the glossary and articles which keeps...

Russell H

Once I was introduced to the my city mortgage app; there was no going back! The transparency & easy functionality this app gives between the Agent, Buyer & Loan officer is phenomenal. It’s easy to explain to new clients & great to have on hand 24/7!