Another happy My City Mortgage client

Brett is an awesome, hardworking guy. He put all of our needs and financial situation first. He was encouraging, and very easy to get a hold of. He used email, text, and phone calls, whatever we wanted. This was our first house so we had a bunch of questions on what we needed, and why. He was easy to ask questions and very quick to respond. All the steps of buying a house were very clear, detailed, and understandable. He made all the documentation needed very clear so we would get everything in on time for our closing date. It was great to work with him and I have already recommended him to family and friends! If you are looking for someone to help you with your housing needs, you should give Brett a call!

Matt K

– via Surefire survey

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Buyer’s Agent: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

Buyer’s Agent: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you'll ever make, and it's not a process you should navigate alone. At My City Lending, we understand the intricacies of mortgage loans and the importance of having a knowledgeable ally by your side....

Navigating the Blossoming Housing Market

Navigating the Blossoming Housing Market

As you contemplate a move in the near future, you may be curious about the availability of homes, the direction of prices and mortgage rates, and the best strategies for engaging with the current market. Here's a synthesis of insights from industry experts on what to...

4 Essential Strategies for Submitting Your Best Home Offer

4 Essential Strategies for Submitting Your Best Home Offer

Considering a home purchase soon? It's crucial to be aware that the current housing market is highly competitive in numerous regions, primarily due to a persistently low inventory of available homes. This situation often results in multiple-offer scenarios. As we...

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