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Todd Lakey

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Richard R

Todd was excellent! Everyone we worked with was straightforward and direct. Everyone was pleasant and insightful. The experience can be trying but this group made it...

Emily U

Everything was done ahead of time and correctly. If there was a question it was answered quickly. It was refreshing to finally have a transaction go so smoothly on the...

Shawn C

I was very satisfied with Todd and his team. The transaction was smooth and flawless.

Todd has been a mortgage loan originator for over 15 years helping home buyers and current homeowners with purchase money mortgages as well as refinancing needs, respectively. Todd is very thorough in his analysis of his borrower’s current situation as well as the mortgage goals they have in mind. He is sure to review, with all borrower’s their full spectrum of available options before choosing the loan program that best suits their needs.

Partnering with My City Mortgage has greatly improved the product mix, technology and services Todd can offer his clients. My City Mortgage is constantly improving its systems and processes to make the entire experience as smooth and easy as possible for all parties involved. We take the extra time on the front end of the Pre-Approval process to ensure the rest of the process is much smoother and faster.

Helping to Chart Your Path to Homeownership

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Buying a home is a huge commitment and the My City Mortgage team is here to guide you through every step of the process. Whether you are in the market to purchase a new home or looking to refinance an existing loan, we are here to help that process go smoothly. Our Home Loan Experts are available to answer all your mortgage questions and can customize options for your unique needs.

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Intuitive, Responsive Mortgage Loan Applications on Any Device!

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Michelle L. Rowe, Realtor

I do find the app handy and informative with the up to date client process whether just starting or in a transaction. Having the ability to scan right from the phone is brilliant. The news section is great to keep me informed about the mortgage business. Love the glossary and articles which keeps...

Russell H

Once I was introduced to the my city mortgage app; there was no going back! The transparency & easy functionality this app gives between the Agent, Buyer & Loan officer is phenomenal. It’s easy to explain to new clients & great to have on hand 24/7!